My mom says I’m special….

iamspecialStreets are full of different cars: different sizes, colors and shapes. Despite of this variety they all create just a different shades of boredom, amplified by their dull appearance. The lineup of boredom is occasionally decorated with automobile curiosities: slow rolling pickup with dual exhaust that pretends to be a sporty vehicle, zipping lowered Honda with bubble heads moving in rhythm of hip-hop and wishing it had real R-spec Civic, entry level Lexus with harsh sounding over sized exhausts that looks like plumbing tool. 

The special category in this ornamental group are cars with spoilers attached to the boot. Having rear end spoiler makes sense in RWD car such as Corvette or M3 since it increases pressure of wheels to the road at higher speeds (of course when spoiler is a result of real engineering design rather than just an ego booster). Placing spoiler in FWD econo-box is beyond any comprehension and it can be explained only by sale gimmicks applied by dealership to convince buyer that having useless piece of plastic on top of boot is a “must have” feature. This plastic addition will certainly make car drive faster, look better and feel more sexy.

Let’s see what may happen when rear spoiler is placed on boot of FWD car. When car accelerates the inertia force lifts slightly front end of the car. The air flow above car press rear end of the car towards road (by pushing the rear spoiler). This allows front suspension to raise nose of the car further up. The slope that grows between car bottom and road surface allows air flow under the car to lift nose even more! All those effects limits pressure of front wheels to the road and this results in loosing grip. In this way rear end spoiler makes a FWD car worse to handle, steer, break and accelerate. This, of course, happens when spoiler works properly – in most cases it does not. Most spoilers are just a junk creating air frictions that increases fuel consumption, so don’t worry if your Corolla or Civic has one. You will not crash on highway, you just pay more for gas than you should.

If you really want your car look special, wash it…


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