The hoggers…

Hug a hog...There are certain type of people who like to collect stuff and then keep it forever. Like subjects of fetish, adoration items are kept in secret places known only to the owner. Various items from old newspapers to diamond jewelry are collected and kept in secrecy and not shared with anyone in fear of being stolen or damaged. Collected items are guarded, watched, hogged or squeezed depending on shape and form of the item.

Driving on multi-lane road leave me with a bitter taste of being surrounded by hoggers, who have special attachment to the left line. With  fetish-like adoration they stay on the left even when they have to follow 80-year old in a Buick driven 60 km/h on 80-limit zone. Hoggers keep the left line like it was their precious property that can not be shared with any other human being.

If right line happens to be also occupied by slow moving objects (cyclists, Buicks, mama vans, or raccoons), driving turns into anxious feeling I experience when waiting in a lineup at Walmart on late Friday afternoon: all lines are busy, no line is moving any faster and there is no visible end of the line.

Left line hoggers sentence me to stay in slow moving traffic squeezed between other cars. I am doomed to read bumper stickers with insignificant information about someones minor school achievements. In rear mirror there is always a pickup truck driven by some country man, who  reeves the engine and hopes the loud noise will somehow wipe the road in front. Hoggers make me count all useless items thrown under rear window of the vehicle in front. They force me to drive slow enough so I can contemplate ugliness of the cars that surround me in the traffic. They made me learn about musical interests of drivers around – I can enjoy loud blues or jazz, but staying behind Justin Bieber & Kate Perry lover who drives with 400 watt audio cranked up and rolled down windows leaves me with no hope about further cultural development of the human kind.

Line hoggers, please stop adoring left lines, move to right and try to enjoy pitiful music taste of slow driving pot heads squeezed between tattooed pickup drivers and mama-vans full of rioting 10-year-olds. Tailgating grandpa in 20 year old Caddy will not speed up the traffic in any way!

Just give a good example and move to the right….



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