The Clean….

thecleanOnce or twice in the week I see strange clean white cars that look as they just left the dealership. Those scars are like shiny objects stuck in a bucket full of sand. They are driven by people who meticulously wash their car to be spotless like a skin on new born. They shampoo and wax cars every week and fear of any drop of dirt that may stain their vehicle.

Those clean people usually extend the cleanness to the all aspects of the social life where there is no sex (it may stain bed), no kids (they may drop tomato sauce on kitchen floor), no pets (they may jump on couch or desk), no flowers in front yard (may attract bees and other flying objects). They surround themselves in total sanitized bubble, where everything is perfectly aligned with their vision of ideal world. This makes me believe that lack of procreating activities push them to become a near extinct kind.

Thankfully there are places (such as Poland), where all sorts of dogs, cats and goats are jumping on couches and disrupting procreating couples there. In such place having a clean car is not a priority of the day, and living in a sanitized bubble is a very foreign vision. Dirt not only makes us more resilient to all sorts of  external environment but also it brings some variety and bit of fun to our daily life. How often can we see kids writing “dirt bag” with their fingers on randomly parked cars through an inch thick layer of dust? I certainly did that as a kid and finding the most dirty car on parking was leveraged to an extreme sport back then. Today kids are more excited with electronic gadgets and finger writing on a dust is a forgotten skill thanks to overprotective parents.

Don’t wash car (too often), let it become a subject of finger writing. Have some happy faces drawn as ornaments on front mask or rear window…..


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