The Change…..

thechange_smallThere comes a time when you look at your furniture, TV, appliance or cat and you think to yourself “it is time for a change”. Like Obama’s election slogan, the “change” starts driving your mind towards exploring new ways of moving around your existing stuff or replacing it with new one. If you are lucky enough and your place is not cluttered with stuff collected with hamster-like patience you do not have to worry about moving anything anywhere. If you have at home things that makes you feel like you are living in the past your attention will inevitably turn into new ways of spending money on stuff that soon will make you feel the same again. So here comes couch, chair, table, dishwasher, fridge and other stuff you happily put on your credit card 2 years ago and now it makes you again feel like you want to get rid of it.

Similar feeling you may have about your car. Car that you desired 4-5 years ago now becomes nothing more than a worn out appliance that takes precious space in your garage. You look at new shiny cars in dealerships and think: “Could I get one of these?”. You browse BMW, Mercedes or Cadillac websites and you play with configuration tools skipping price tag since all you want to know is how much it will cost you per month because you can not afford to pay cash even for used Kia.

In all this insanity there may come a thought that perhaps new car may not be any better then new one. Perhaps your existing car is reliable enough and getting a new one will be only good until warranty expires and then it will become a gambling item that may cost you arm and a leg if you happen to drive an import.

If you like me: with older car that is rock solid and floor at home that is empty like airport tarmac, don’t bother with “change” imposed by iPhone addicts and $5-latte sippers. Enjoy what you have and wait one more year before you make an change. Then you can get 1-2 year old (still) shiny car. Let someone else spend half of annual income on a new car just to lose half of its value in the first year.

Instead of browsing dealership website take your squeeze for a beer…


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