The Comfort…

comfortWhen I look to buy any kind of furniture that supposed to accommodate my butt or back I obviously make sure that it does provide good comfort. The appearance may be left as a secondary feature to check since my floor is empty enough to be a landing zone for 747 and everything placed there will look just as good as tulips at Parliament Hill. Similar perspective one may have on other aspect of daily life: social relations, neighbors, kids, pets, food etc…. We naturally attracted to things we feel comfortable about or comfortable with, and this is more-less universal truth across the world … maybe except monks that meditate on the top of Mount Everest.

Yet when come to cars we somehow differ. Europeans tend to choose small cars with stiffer suspension that prefers good handling over the comfort. Americans, in contrary, choose big heavy cars that handle at corners like piano falling from stairs but offer soft ride. When Europeans drive sensible Volvo station wagon, Americans drive Suburbans that are little bit heavier than a house. When Europeans look for family sedan such as Jetta or Mondeo, Americans look at Impalas and Malibus that have appearance of rental cars. Of course there are some exceptions: old continent has S-Classe that will accommodate you even if you are size of Helmut Kohl, or Audi A8 that you can have if you happen to be Gerhard Schröder.

You may think that American cars are worse and not worth to consider, but you would be wrong. Everything depends on where and how you drive. On narrow streets of Bremen or Rome Golf or Panda would do excellent job and you would not wreck nerves while looking for a big parking spot. If you happen to drive long distances (in old continent this would be about 2 hour travel) then Passat, Mondeo or BMW 5-series will give you a nice ride. North America differs a bit. Streets are wide, parking spots would accommodate Dutch house, and travel from one city to another is like expedition to the Moon. Since everything is over sized in the land of hamburgers then large sedan with soft suspension and mediocre handling would certainly be a good candidate for a highway cruiser.

Take for example Lincon Town Car. It is a good car if you drive in America. Its motor is heavy like aircraft career and develop the whole 5 horsepower, but it  rotates very slow so it is whisper quiet, lasts a million years and it is cheap to repair. The car is wide like airport tarmac so it accommodates four passengers (or 2 Americans) on back seat, plus another 3 extra bodies in a trunk if you happen to be a hitman. Its suspension was designed 100 years ago but its softness can smooth down the biggest potholes in New Jersey. Town Car has a presence that reflects everything what America offers: it’s big, heavy, comfortable and cheap to run. Sadly this RWD car with old fashion body-on-frame construction is not produced anymore. Ford replaced it with Lincoln MKS that has face of a sad dog.

Sometimes, especially after 6 hour long flight, I want to step down from Euro-fashion quick racers into quiet floating boat that isolates me from surrounding world and its noisiness. What would you prefer to be in after 6 hours of siting in over cooled tube with no airflow: would you rather be in something that circles Nürburgring track in 10 sec or something you can sleep in while it hoovers over potholes?


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