The glitter….

glitter_mercBlack Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Boxing Week, New Year Sale, etc… Consumers are totally submerged into ocean of excuses to max-out every single credit cards they have in their thin wallets. Cash is not anymore known to humanity since even small coffee in McDonald can be put on plastic. Masses of consumers flooding shopping malls with religious-like believe that deals offered during special days are honest and genuine. Looking for labels 20%, 30%, 40% off and even deeper “discounts” attracted iSheep crowd ready to buy stuff labeled with magical discount stickers. Business knows it and business takes advantage of financially illiterate crowd (I’m not blaming business – it is here to make money). People somehow still believe they will be offered a top quality product for the lowest possible price, as they are convinced that manufacturing and retail business is not allowed any more to make a profit.

It is a game. Every year we all enter a game, where retailers uses old tricks to convince us the 40% discount is an awesome deal and we have to figure out ourselves if it is worth attention or not. If you did not check prices a month before Black Friday or Cyber Monday then you are royally screwed. You can not figure out if this TV is really discounted from $700 to $500, or perhaps $450 was its regular price two months ago?

Inevitably the consumer ignorance is extended to car business. We read tons of reviews about cars and then we shape our opinions based on texts written by journalists with emotional intelligence of fifth grader. We read that some SUV has very bad blind spot without realizing that most of SUV have thick B-pillars that obstruct view. If you want to have minimal blind spots get a regular sedan, not SUV. Then we read that imports have low reliability and high maintenance costs, like it was not yet obvious that imports are build for handling and cornering rather than longevity. If you want a car that will lasts million years don’t buy BMW or Audi, look instead at some used Crown Vic or Grand Marquis – you will look with it like 90-year old but the car will outlive your grandson.

If you really want to develop a legitimate opinion about car, take it for spin. Test drive on highway, potholes, bumps, parking and corners. Feel how car behaves and how responsive is steering. I’ve  happened to drive Fiat 500 rental. This tiny metal box was applauded by some mindless journalists as “car of the year”. It is everything but the car of the year. Although interior was not desperately cramped the ride was awful. Wheels feel like they are made out of wood and gear stick has texture of bicycle bell. There is no difference between sport mode and regular mode, except sport mode makes car noisier. Forget about having anyone on back seat, unless you have 5-year old kid.

Fiat 500 can be potentially used as pizza delivery vehicle since it is small enough to move in city traffic and trunk will accommodate couple XL pizza boxes, but GM already offers a competition here: Chevy Spark the “pizza delivery edition“.

Shakespeare said:  “All that glitters is not gold…..”  and he was right.


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