The enlightened…

enlightementWalking through shopping malls before Christmas allows me to contemplate bright interiors. Cold bright lighting makes impression of sanitized interiors, where no dust or dirt have right to appear. Light reflected from shiny walls amplify impression of being in a science fiction movie where everything is spotless. Sometimes the lighting is too strong or badly positioned that entire mall like like Christmas tree set up by a drunk. This is certainly not a good place to arrange jazz concert.

I see increased number of cars with flat leveled front headlights. For some strange reason car makers do not follow the common sense of asymmetric headlamp configuration where driver side lamp is pointing a bit lower then the light on passenger side. This configuration prevents from blinding oncoming cars and at the same time shows the roadside well lighted.

According to urban myths this configuration was introduced by Saab (those Swedes and their common sense…), but apparently it did not pick up with others.  Unfortunately the rest of the bunch did not grasp idea that we do not need to blind the oncoming traffic and driver side headlamp may point a bit lower then eyes of oncoming drivers.

Car makers seems to be reluctant in introducing this solution, or if they do it’s inconsistent at best. Hyundai, Mazda and Subaru have it in certain models (why not all?). I have not seen yet any GM or Ford with such lights. The worst are SUVs. Since their headlamps are higher than regular car, any oncoming or following SUV lights up my car interior like shopping mall just before Christmas. Blinding oncoming traffic increases chances of accident and if it happens to be on a highway you can imagine how this may end up.

Ah, those sensible Swedes! What did they know that Americans, Germans or Japanese do not know? How come they got enlightened with such simple idea, while others still live in darkness?


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