The establishment…..

establishmanetWatching last results of Iowa caucuses made me think of track record of each candidate’s campaign. When I compare Hilary’s and Bernie’s campaigns I can’t stop thinking that establishment class still believes in old fashion targeting where existence of the Internet and online archives can be totally neglected. The establishment seems to be living in a bubble where cable TV and newspaper are considered the only media to choose.

Somehow Wall St. funded crowd is convinced that is it perfectly OK to ignore millennial crowd  as it was going to disappear in a thin air like oil price. Hilary seems to be following this pattern: she keeps repeating the same gutless slogans and hopes for different results, she counts on polls done through cable TV that only handful of boomers would care about, and she dodges questions with grace of elephant in China pottery store. Ignoring new media and hoping no one pays attention to her moral flexibility on economical issues has already diluted her supporters like coffee substitute served in Tim Horton. The political damage Hilary done to herself can not be reverted even by the biased media reports and debates full of meaningless mumbling.

On the other hand Bernie broadcasts his campaign through Internet media, he avoids issuing attack ads, and he speaks simple language. This made him closer to younger voters to the extend that Hillary can only dream about. In addition, being a son of Polish immigrants made him cool in the same way as close ties with banking system made Hilary totally uncool.

The way how establishment candidates roll their campaigns is somewhat similar to the way how car sales are attempting to reach potential clients. Once in a while I get in a mail box flyer full of curb dealers who tell me that Dakota, RAM or C300 are certainly cars of my dreams. Ads printed with stinky ink seem to be the weapon of choice for marketing champs at Chrysler dealerships and this makes their tactics outdated like Hilary’s rhetoric. Why would anyone possibly think that sending random junk mail full of price tags that does not differ from other dealership will move inventory out of the lot in a blink of an eye. Interestingly I did not see such flyers with other brands, especially the Toyota-Hyundai-Honda triplet. There must be something in the water served in Chrysler dealerships that makes crowd working there delusional like hairdresser who takes on million dollar mortgage for molded shack in Vancouver. Such attitude could be possibly explained in Toronto, where cloud of pot smoke is inevitable like potholes in early Spring.  But how to explain it in Ottawa, where 80% of cars are sold by four families and sidewalks are rolled up at 11 PM.

What if car sales business turns slowly into establishment that is too big and too fat to see its own toes? 


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