The Swingers….

swingers11This year primaries in US unveiled that large number of voters wait until last minute to decide who to vote for. This lack of decisiveness may result in 300 million nation being led by a fellow elected by champs who took decision over big mac and fries 10 minutes before closing polling stations. This only means that consumers will be choosing their president in the same way they choose ketchup or corn flakes in Walmart. This becomes scary when you consider that random guy will lead country with total outstanding student loan debt $1.2 trillion and total outstanding mortgage debt $8 trillion.

When I observe crowd that is unable make firm choice of who to vote for I can’t stop thinking of a new breed of cars that do not know what they are. According to marketing ads this new breed supposed to be fashionable like front page of Vouge, handle well on corners, drive well off-road, have trunk big enough to accommodate 200 kg of cheese, be comfortable like Victorian couch and circle Nürburgring in 30 sec. Unfortunately most attempts to build a car that does everything well end up with car that does nothing well.

BMW, for example, built a monstrosity called X6 GT that supposed to be comfortable like 5-series, spacious like X5 and fast like M3. The final result is quite disappointing: the car is is too tall for fast cornering, too stiff to be comfortable, skinny tires makes it useless off road and its trunk is smaller than regular X5. To add insult to injury, it costs more than regular X5. So you pay more to get less! X6 could be a perfect car for Russian mafia or blokes who can not decide if morning pancake should be served with maple syrup or honey.

You would think that such car is pointless like Hilary’s rhetoric and it should not have place in automotive industry, but you would be wrong! There is one application where such car would serve a purpose: US elections. If people who can not decide who to vote for drive X6 (or some other I-do-not-know-what-I-am car) then we would not need to spend time and money on polls or statistical analysis.

Just walk around parking lots at Republican and Democratic caucuses and count ugly cars….


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