The Brexit…

smallpoliceSo Brits voted to jump out of the EU train. Universe, as we know it, did not end, fish&chips did not disappear from pubs, Queen still wears her fuzzy hats, banks did not run to the other side of the Channel, England did not turn into wasteland and streets are not full of riots (other than regular soccer hooligans). Simply speaking the doomsday did not happen. Life goes on and Brits will eventually sort out their relations with the continent, perhaps without centralized bureaucracy that regulates how curvy bananas and how straight cucumbers should be. Old fossils and boomers were very disciplined and voted for exit while youngsters voted to stay in EU. Twenty something lemmings will have bad aftertaste of the lost referendum since most of them were too busy playing Xbox in mama’s basement to care about referendum outcome.

Farage and Cameron left the boat and May sat behind the steering wheel. This may introduce some changes in the way how foreign investments are involved in the British industry. Take for example British car manufacturers. Out of over 500 car manufacturers only 35 survived until today and most of those survivals are not anymore British. Mini and Rolls Royce are owned by BMW, Bentley is run by VW, Jaguar and Land Rover have been bought by TATA, TVR is owned by Russian millionaire, and Vauxhall is a GM subsidiary. The rest such as Caterham, Ascali, Radical or Noble are small number producers mostly for local market. British have great input in development of motorization. When they were not on strike they managed to design wonderful machines such as Noble M12, Lagonda, Discovery, Mini, Jaguar R-series. It is worth to remember that British cars were not designed by committees, like GM products, but by passionate engineers who did their best to avoid compromises. Jaguar XK had great chassis and it handled very well but as most British cars it was poorly built and it leaked rainwater into the cabin, XJ R-series had oil leaks so common that owners worried when car did not leave any stain in garage floor: “it must be something wrong with the car, it did not leak oil today!”

During last 10 years Brits took great effort to improve quality of their cars so they do not brake as often as Fiat or Alfa Romeo. New generation of Jaguars are well designed vehicles that compete head to head with BMWs, Mini become fashionable transportation for celery and granola bar eaters, Range Rover is a weapon of choice for gangsters, Aston is driven by movie stars and Lotus become a pretty good alternative to small Porsches.

Let’s hope Brexit does not brake down what’s left out of the British car industry, so maybe one day I can get myself an Aston….


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